Micromed, founded in 1982, has a long history of ideas and technical solutions which brought significant improvements in Neurophysiology.

In 1982 Micromed developed the first 10 channel EEG ambulatory recorder: the first recorder of Brain Spy family.

In 1989 Micromed, first in the world, presents a 24 channel fully battery powered digital EEG, based on a laptop PC.

In 1990 Micromed installs the first Brain Quick computerized EEG laboratory, with centralized database, data networking and patient data archiving on Optical Disks at the Bergamo hospital (Italy).

In 1993 Micromed introduces on the market the MS40, a revolutionary 24 hour ambulatory EEG recorder with 12 channels and completely solid state Flash Card memory storage. It’s the beginning of a new epoch for ambulatory recordings.

In 1998 Micromed presents System98, a turning point for Neurophysiology systems, fully Windows based, with Digital Video EEG ranging from 24 to 128 channels and the new MYOQUICK EMG. A single software to manage and organize the exams coming from the entire Micromed range of EEG, EMG and EP equipment.

In 1999 Micromed started the research of an innovative instrument to assist EEG reporting based on neural network analysis and expert system software: SmartEEG! Once again Micromed proves to be a leader in innovation.

In 2001 Micromed releases Brain Spy 2100: the new ultra-compact polysomnographic 21-42 channel recorder which includes all the know-how and the experience of the company.

In 2002 Micromed presents SystemPLUS, new integration management for all Micromed software.

In 2003 Micromed developed the SD MRI system for simultaneous EEG and fMRI recordings: a real advanced research tool demonstrating once again the powerful of Micromed systems.

In 2005 Micromed introduces in the market the SD LTM system for long time epilepsy monitoring based on 32 up to 128 channel amplifiers “three-in-one”: cable or wireless, as well as ambulatory recordings can be performed by the same device, further having the possibility to combine a dedicated fully software controlled cortical stimulator.

In 2007 Micromed presents SystemPLUS Evolution: the new management system integrating the BRAIN QUICK product series together with the new electromyographic MYOQUICK Matrix Line devices and the new polysomnographic MORPHEUS recorder.

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