The new range of BRAIN SPY PLUS devices integrates MICROMED’s large experience in neurophysiology diagnostics and in designing handheld ambulatory recorders that can be connected to any SystemPLUS EVOLUTION unit like the famous BRAIN QUICK, HANDYEEG, MYOQUICK and MYOHANDY.    

BRAIN SPY PLUS is a 21 Channel Polygraphic Recorder and its Compact Design, the Small Size and Light  Weight makes it unique. Other characteristics are:
• Size: only 11 x 8 x 3 cm
• Weight: < 240 gr.
• 21 Recording Channels :
8 Common Reference EEG Channels
8 User Selectable Bipolar / Common Reference EEG Channels
2 DC Channels
3 Digital Channels for SpO2 , Beat and Pulse

The BRAIN SPY PLUS recorder is a handheld 21 channel unit which covers a wide range of Ambulatory applications like EEG for Epilepsy Studies and Polysomnography. Very small in size and weight, this instrument is a true reference in the field of Ambulatory recorder. In addition BRAIN SPY PLUS is completely battery powered with 2 “AA” batteries lasting up to 48 hours, which makes it really ideal for these applications.
The recorder is absolutely User-Friendly: just connect it wireless to a Workstation to check Impedances and Signal Quality, put it into its protection case and then go for the recording of up to 48 Hours. When the patient comes back just remove the Memory Card and download the entire recordings in a couple of minutes.
Channels on the BRAIN SPY PLUS can be easily identified thanks to the coloured connectors placed on the top of the recorder. Dedicated connectors are available for the DC Channels and for the Oxymeter.

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