The new systems BRAIN QUICK / ICU of the SystemPLUS EVOLUTION series are the answer to the most advanced requests in the field of Neuromonitoring in Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal ICU. The system is presented in several elegant versions, to optimize the space
occupation in the ICU ward:

  • DESKTOP Version: A convenient trolley with a drawer for the accessories allows the presence of an arm for the Headbox and a stand for the Camera. This solution is particularly suitable for the recording of VideoEEG.
  • COMPACT Version: A system which integrates PC and Touch Screen Monitor in a single solution, with minimum size and installed on a light and easily moveable trolley. This setup, which also supports Video EEG, is particularly suitable where spaces are minimal.
BRAIN QUICK / ICU allows to combine synchronised Digital Video with aEEG monitoring thus maximizing the clinical information about the patient. With a simple mouse click the patient image is displayed with a perfect frame  synchronisation with EEG and analysis signals. The recording system allows Reviewing during Acquisition with a double video window on the Recording Station (Split Screen), but also Reviewing through the Network (Remote Review), Live View of VideoEEG with Camera Control (Real Time Monitoring). These and many other functions makes BRAIN QUICK / ICU really unique.
The System modularity allows a complete integration with all the Hardware and Software of any EMG and EP Micromed systems.
Try it ..... And you will love it!
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