All MICROMED experience in neurophysiology diagnostic is now available in the new range of completely portable and battery powered EMG-EP-IOM devices: MYOHANDY Matrix Line. The completely redesigned matrix light amplifier offers unbeatable performance and reliabilty. Signal acquisition and management has never been so accurate as with MYOHANDY Matrix Line: software interface is easier than ever, quick “on click” reporting is a reality, stimulation artifacts are completely beat down and full customizable automatic routines allows to obtain high quality tests and save time for patient outcome. The system is the lightest in the market and it can be totally battery powered giving an unique result in term of transportability: forget the old style heavy docking stations!
 As an added value, SystemPLUS EVOLUTION software can integrate all types of neurophysiology diagnostics in a single application and the unique archive and project design guarantee all the standard activities of Acquisition, Review, Analysis, Report and Archive to be managed in a single unit.  MICROMED brings your neurophysiology laboratory at the cutting edge!   

MYOQUICK Matrix Line supports the following EMG tests:
- Needle EMG, MUAP Quantitative Analysis, Triggered EMG
- Turns & Amplitude
- Single Fibre, Stimulated SF (Jitter and Fibre Density), Macro EMG
- Motor Unit Number Estimation (MUNE)
- Motor and Sensitive Nerve Conduction Velocity
- F Wave, H Reflex, Repetitive Stimulation
- Collision test and Inching test
- Blink Reflex, Inhibitory Reflex, Jaw Jerk
- Symphatethic Skin Response (SSR), R-R Interval Analysis
Motor Evoked Potentials (MEP) with integrated F Wave   

MYOQUICK Matrix Line supports the following EP tests:
- SEP: Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
- VEP: Visual Evoked Potentials - Steady State too
- AEP: Acoustic Evoked Potentials (Middle, Long Latency)
- BAEP: Brain Acoustic Evoked Potentials
- MEP: Motor Evoked Potentials
- LEP: Laser Evoked Potentials
- P300, MMN: Cognitive Evoked Potentials  

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